Introducing... the Brandathon Final Decision

also known as The BFD

After months of harnessing creative energy, conducting two Brandathon workshops, hosting the Brandathon Pitchfest, and judging by the panel of creative experts, it’s now time for the public to determine the BFD!

Once the winning creative is selected, a regional marketing campaign will be developed that puts the Sacramento Region Brand – aka the Sacramento Region’s Story – on the map!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... And the semi-finalists are:

Based on the judges’ top scores, four final concepts have been selected to move forward for public voting:

  1. In Season
  2. Sacramento in season
  3. Here. We. Grow.
  4. Here We _____

What you need to know. Oh and, why it took a little extra time to announce the semi-finalists:

Two of the Brandathon Pitch Teams developed concepts very similar to a new statewide campaign recently launched by the CA Dept. of Food and Ag "Always in Season". The teams that presented at the Pitchfest knew this going in to the process, but still saw value in the companion positioning. The State of CA is aware of and supports the Brandathon process including the two ideas that are closely tied to the state's campaign.

Two of the judges' top picks utilize very similar language in their slogans, and because the judges' scores reflected a very narrow margin between the top four ideas, Brandathon organizers decided to release four semi-finalists (instead of three) for public vote.

We know you've been waiting and now it's time to VOTE!

Read these short instructions so you know how to make your vote count:

View the four Brandathon video concepts.

Vote for one concept that you think best describes the Sacramento Region brand.

Consider how well each concept captures the quality and spirit of the region's inherent brand, which is an outcome of the Brandathon process:

Send a link to your friends, colleagues, family. Encourage them to vote!

Voting is live now on Facebook

Just how did the judges make their decisions?

A panel of six judges graded six total concepts and based their scores on a set of criteria:

Just who are the Brandathon judges anyway?

What to know more? Read about the judges.



DANIELLE COHN VP MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS | Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau




Want to know more about how we got here?

Here’s the back story:

An important factor in stimulating economic vitality is identity of place—how people within and outside of a community perceive it. The greater Sacramento region is experiencing resurgence in civic pride, appreciation for our assets, and excitement about our future potential, yet research (both qualitative and quantitative), ranked the Capital Region’s vague economic identity and lack of national awareness as a chief barrier to business growth, relocation and attraction of investment.

In the past year, the region has experienced a number of significant identity-boosting victories, including the hard-fought effort to keep the Sacramento Kings and a new focus on building a new state-of-the-art entertainment and sports complex in the downtown core, the announcement of establishing a UC Davis World Food Center, the return of the statewide Amgen Tour and US Track and Field Trials to the Capital, the inaugural week-long Farm to Fork celebration and the exciting launch season of Sacramento Republic Football Club, among them.

While largely separate efforts, together they have served to inspire a renewed sense of regional pride and present new opportunities to fashion our own identity of place. What’s missing though is a universal message platform that aligns and amplifies the region’s story.

Enter Brandathon: Inspired by Philadelphia's focus and commitment to global positioning around “World class Philadelphia” as an economic development strategy, several Sacramento business leaders came home from the Metro Chamber’s Study Mission trip last fall and joined together to launch SacRegion Brandathon – a wholly grass-roots effort bringing the community together to brainstorm, define and amplify the Sacramento Region's character and spirit.

The ultimate goal is to position and/or reposition how the Sacramento region is perceived both within and outside of our community. Strategic objectives have been defined as:

  1. Retain and attract a trained and education workforce
  2. Promote the quality of life in the region
  3. Support the attraction of new employers to the region and grow those that are already here
  4. Impact and grow national convention status, specifically across our core business cluster sectors, and ultimately tourism

Brandathon, a product of Next Economy, has neither an organization behind it nor any resources. It is simply a group of 'misfit' and passionate volunteers who have laid out a process that is open to any and all with interest in seeing the Sacramento Region grow, prosper and become more widely recognized for its virtues. Brandathon is meant to leverage the talents and energy of the community so that our brand is squarely based on regional pride.

First, in November 2013, 300 people came to generate ideas for a theme, key message and slogan that best described our regional assets. In February 2014, 250 people came together again, organized themselves in teams, to apply visual applications to the message platforms. And in March, a final event called Pitchfest offered six teams 2-minutes of stage time to present the best of those ideas, taking earlier rough designs to formal creative concepts. Teams competed against other teams, all in hopes that their design could become the next Sacramento Region brand.

The Brandathon movement will do more than to produce a logo or slogan for the region, it is mobilizing and unifying “scene leaders” and stimulating a region-wide conversation about the importance of place-based marketing in the economic development equation.

Once the winning creative is selected, a regional marketing campaign will be developed and underwriters will be solicited so that we can put the Sacramento Region Brand – aka the Sacramento Region’s Story – on the map!

Voting is live now on Facebook